The lake view of Lavoi restaurant is always open to those who search for a chillout space where relaxing looking at the lake and maybe tasting our tea selection or homemade cakes provided by our shop Vecchio café al Posta.

    Our bar offers a wide selection of Pukka tea: 100% organic tea and tisanes made following the principles of Ayurveda science.

    il nostro bar propone una selezione di tisane Pukka: tisane e te erboristici 100% biologici basati sull’antica scienza dell’Ayurveda, “L’arte di vivere con saggezza”. Una linea di infusi, tè e tisane che rende accessibili a tutti le meraviglie dell’antica saggezza della medicina indiana utilizzando ingredienti che, difficilmente, vengono usati nella farmacopea occidentale.


    Our Bristot Coffee –  Tiziano selection

    The Brazilian Alta Mogiana, the selected Arabica Guatemala Huehuetenango and Colombia Huila coffees marry well with the spiced India Plantation coffee, to obtain a blend of superior quality. The result is an aromatic coffee, with chocolate, citron and fruity undertones. Characteristics: Deep character and aromatic finesse

    Tasting notes: balanced mixing characterized by delicate and intense flavor of spices and tropical fruit. An ideal balance between power, acidity and taste.

    Home made strudel